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I loved you, and I love you still.

 Your Majesty, this is..

- My daughter Elizabeth, you don’t need to tell me

The Tudors cast

Perseverance, you are my prisoner now.

Anne & Henry + dancing

45/50 The Tudors Pics

Mara Lane and Jonathan Rhys Meyers attend the Barretstown 20th Anniversary Gala Ball at Convention Centre on September 27, 2014 in Dublin, Ireland.

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"Match Point" 2005

I am unable to give the king a son.

Match Point (USA - UK, 2005)

otp meme: [2/5]scenes

Forgive me, I spoke of things I should not.”

No, no, I give you leave that we may always speak freely with each other, honestly, openly and with a true heart. For me, that is the true definition of love.”